Monday, 5 October 2009

Operatiunea Monstru!

Like any other story this one has a lot of me in it , cause being there, with exactly four of my friends like in the movie, I mastered to catch a ... very beautiful expedition in one of the most unique places in Europe : our one and only Danube Delta!!!
To many times I've tried to take "Trujillo" Megaditzzu, our rock photographer, on trip in our delta for the fishing time of his life , and this time was really meant to be !
With the help of my good friend from Bucharest , the Captain "Flo" Florin and a very well expert in Danube secrets , Mister "Pike Cooking Master" Adrian , this trip will be remembered cause we got the proof !
A very nice 20 kgs each capture to go home with!!!
Amased once again by the beauty of it, I started early with a smile, then a drink, and then a rest in the wonderful world of fishing as my good friend ,Mister Rex Hunt, use to say wich is exactly why we ccame to this place ...
This place was born by the musty waters of the Danube in its strugle to meet the kisses of the Black Sea waves!
Here there is only one ruler ... silent ...very attentive ... and ,of course , very generous : The Mighty FISH !!!
And we go to meet him once again in his various sizes and species!
To brake him with our rods and reels , to put him in the burning light of the sun , to take him out of his slipery kingdom: the Danube calm waters!
It might not be a tasty fish but it was the king between us and we treated it with the proper respect : the 1.5 kg carp and its 12 brothers!
When you talk about the sweetest fish you are definitely talking about the Romanian Caras! Mother knows why!
With a little wine and a lot of joy, covered by the night or awake by the sun heat, forged by the carps or shattered by the attaks of small pikes , we manage to spend three amazing days in the mighty Land of the Fish, days that will never be forgotten cause there are a few words and a few photos the claim the rightful place in history!

Ship log...

The Delta Wings!